Are You Ready for Your Money Blocks to End?


  • Are you struggling with your money? 
  • Are you living an abundant life?
  • Are you ready to have more money and joy now?

I'm Sonya Williams and professional women hire me to create more success, abundance and joy in their lives by eliminating their money mindset blocks - and we do it in fun and joyous ways.

Imagine if you could:

  • Determine what your money blocks are
  • Overcome limiting beliefs that keep you stuck and create an abundant mindset
  • Live a life filled with success, abundance and joy

It IS possible!

There's a deeper core issue that you need to address and as a Money Mindset Muse, I'd love to support you and determine what is blocking your abundance.

If you are ready to live a successful and abundant life, take your first step and contact me so you can begin NOW! Get a head start on 2017 and let's take what you've learned this past year to set yourself up for success in 2017. What were your challenges? Do you have a support system? Who held you accountable for your goals? Let me support your success now and let's have fun doing it!

Money can be such a serious subject especially if you have had bad experiences regarding money. Those experiences can leave you feeling ashamed, embarrassed and bad about your financial situation. Let me help you get clear on what you want to create. I love being able to see how the money block shows up energetically in your body. That gives me some great information on how to eliminate the block and as a result you begin to create abundant beliefs, take actions that support your success and abundance and those actions become habits. No one wants "one more thing to do" so you get to choose what feels good for you to implement!

Email me or schedule an appointment to have a chat with me so I can help you create your abundant vision now and for 2017!

Results my clients have experienced:

  • Living the experiences they wrote about in their new money story
  • Better career moves to higher paying positions
  • Increased self esteem which led to increased business profits
  • Improved sales once they addressed & released their money mindset blocks
  • A decrease in debt and an increase in their credit scores
  • Purchasing new vehicles for very low interest rates
  • A new, healthier relationship with money
  • Clarity and action steps for a particular goal and improved follow-through
  • More joy, abundance, gratitude and self-love!
  • Asking for what they want and RECEIVING IT!!!




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