Money Block Healing Session

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page for the Money Block Healing Session. I hope you find the answers to your questions below. If you would like more information after reading this page, please email


1.  What is the difference between a Money Block Discovery Session and a Money Block Healing Session?

The Money Block Discovery Session is a session designed to help us figure out if I can support you in creating an abundant mindset and having more abundance, money and joy in your life.

The Money Block Healing Session is a 45 minute strategy session where we discover where your money block is being held in your body and I give you a healing to release the block. This includes coaching as well and it gives you an idea of what it would be like to work with me. The investment is $127 for this session (valued at $250).

2.  How do I schedule and pay for my Money Block Healing Session?

Use the "Buy Now" button below to pay for your session. Once it is paid for, you will be returned to this page to schedule your 45 minute Money Block Healing Session (please see calendar on your right).

3.  What does my Money Block Healing Session include?

Once your payment is received,  you will receive a pre-call assessment that contains about 4-6 questions. Please complete the assessment at least 3 days prior to our scheduled call. You will also receive an email 24 hours before our scheduled date confirming our meeting. By providing me with information prior to our call, I can use our time together more effectively.

4.  What is the expected outcome of my Money Block Healing Session?

My intention is to help you discover and heal your top money block and to also provide you with next steps to create more of what you desire.

5.  What if I can't make my scheduled appointment?

You must notify me at least 24 hours in advance to reschedule. Please remember that once your payment is received, your appointment is confirmed, and your assessment reviewed, your session becomes non-refundable.

6.  What if I'd like to work with you on a deeper level?

If you are a fit for the services and programs offered, we'd love to work with you and help you create the abundance you desire. Please email or call to discuss how we can further support you.

7.  What if I know of other people who can benefit from receiving a Money Block Healing Session?

We would be delighted to receive a referral from you. If any of your referrals sign up for one of the packages, or the group coaching program, we would love to honor you by giving you a discount on future services or packages.